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We Are Shock Inbound

Shock Inbound is a HubSpot marketing agency that dares to be different. We know that there are many different marketing methods out there, and they all claim to be tried and tested. We say: ‘so what?’.

The techniques that have famously worked in the past - bombarding audiences with messages and offering the lowest prices around – simply don’t cut it today. The modern consumer is savvier, smarter, and demands more.

So we do things differently. Unlike other agencies, we don’t help you find leads. We help leads find you, and we do this by building structured, optimised inbound processes to support the customer journey and deliver exceptional ROI. 

Supported by a fantastic team of strategic partners, we help top education, training, travel, leisure, and professional services organisations to evolve into 21st century success stories.

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Meet The Team

Highly motivated global inbound professionals supporting clients to exceed their goals, meet the shock team.

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'Ordinary things done consistently bring extraordinary results' - Keith Cunningham
Shock - Bio Image_MB
'Great things never came from comfort zones'
- Roy T. Bennett
Shock - Bio Image_JM
'We can invent faster than others can copy'
- Ray Kroc
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'Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value' - Albert Einstein

Shock - Bio Image_MJM
'Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment'  - Jim Rohn
Shock - Bio Image_YW
'If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading' - Lao Tzu
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Content Writer

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci

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Our Values

We’re always sharing with our clients just how important it is to have a structured strategy in place, and we believe in listening to our own advice! Everything we do here at Shock Inbound is built around a structured set of values to shape our approach:


We want to feel good about what we do, and know we’re making a difference, which is why we stick to healthy ethical practices and have (very!) high moral standards.


We may never have a world without borders but we can have businesses without borders. That’s what we strive for, with an inclusive culture and focus on equality.


We wouldn’t be doing what we do if we weren’t having a great time with it. Marketing should be fun, creative, and enjoyable… all things that lead to positive outcomes.


For some, marketing is what they do. For us, marketing is who we are. We have a hand-picked team of experts, carefully chosen for their true love of the industry.


We’ve seen enough successes with the inbound methodology to know that even the impossible can be achieved. That’s why we approach everything with confidence, and can-do attitude.


We don’t like following the crowd. We’re proud to be pioneers and risk-takers, daring to do things differently, generating new ideas, and acting as facilitators of change.


Diligent and meticulous, we focus on the big and small details with a qualitative standard, delivering punctually with professional communication at all times


We always place the client’s goals and best interest at the heart of all we do. We understand that we’re working in a very results-driven industry, motivating us to over-deliver every time.

Shock Vision

“To create a diverse community that supports world-class marketing talent to create humanistic marketing campaigns that innovate, grow, and scale organisations.”

Shock Mission

“Practicing global equality, we partner with companies and their marketing teams to create strategically driven, results-focused inbound campaigns that truly connect with diverse audiences.”

Shock Inbound - HubSpot Marketing Agency - Diversity & Inclusion

Welcoming Diversity &
Promoting Inclusion

Have you noticed that marketing campaigns have a ‘type’? Whether it’s a certain body shape, gender, ethnicity, or anything else, there has long been a set standard for what marketing messages should look like. Here at Shock Inbound, we ask ‘why?’ 

We don’t just accept what’s in front of us. We like to question everything. We ask questions like ‘why can’t everyone be accepted for who they are?’ and ‘why can’t people of all different backgrounds be promoted and celebrated? With us, they can. 

Through our work, our aim is to make a change by helping marketing managers see the benefits of diversity and inclusion, from increasing marketing potential by attracting new target groups with diverse campaigns, to generating a broader pool of innovative and actionable ideas from a diverse workforce with all sorts of unique experiences and cool perspectives.

As part of our ongoing commitment to doing really great things and delivering unbeatable results, we must act as advocates for change. And that’s exactly what we’re doing!

Meet Marije

Experienced inbound strategist Marije Schreur heads up the Shock Inbound team, using her international expertise in lead generation, customer journey management, attribution reporting, and global content marketing to help today’s businesses scale up into tomorrow’s leaders. 

Marije has a unique perspective on marketing, having worked with large corporations such as Randstad in The Netherlands and smaller not-for-profit organisations in Cambodia.

It’s Marije’s diverse experience on both sides of the spectrum that helped her to really see the advantages of inbound marketing, and in 2018 she fully embraced the inbound methodology, founding the Shock Inbound agency to help more businesses achieve their goals. 

Shock Inbound - HubSpot Marketing Agency - Marije Schreur

Shock Inbound’s HubSpot Partnership

HubSpot’s marketing platform is, in our opinion, the very best around. And we want all our clients to have access to the fantastic features on offer to drive their inbound strategy forward.

That’s why we’ve become a HubSpot Solutions Partner, achieving Gold level status that recognises us as a top-performing agency, ‘executing inbound marketing services to the highest standards’. Quite the accomplishment indeed!

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Shock Inbound - HubSpot Marketing Agency - HubSpot Gold Partner

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