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Marketing Strategy

Because every great campaign begins with a great marketing strategy.

Why Plan?

Time and time again, we see even the smartest businesses confusing ‘results-driven’ with ‘execution’. We’ll be honest; it’s frustrating. Being results-driven doesn’t mean jumping to the end of the story; it means planning the journey that gets you there. 

Rushing ahead to the end often results in scattered marketing that’s hard to measure, and as far from results-driven as possible! With Shock Inbound, there is a better way.

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Shock Inbound - Marketing Strategy - Our Process

Our Strategic Process

We take a simple yet effective 3-step approach to designing amazing strategies:

  • Historical audit
    First, we want to see what you’re doing right… and where there’s room for improvement. We’ll review your existing processes, activities, and tech stack to build upon and develop your ways of working to derive even more from your efforts.

  • Innovation workshop
    Next, we’ll host innovation workshops to identify mission-critical insights such as your business goals, who your target audience is, develop their personas and build a quick win campaign to be deployed while strategy work is ongoing. Thanks to SEO and competitor analysis, we’ll also identify market opportunities at this stage of the process and set up HubSpot and other necessary systems so everything is primed for your inbound campaign launch. Finally, we’ll build real-time dashboards ready to track results.
  • Game plan blueprints
    Finally, we’ll use everything we learned from the innovation workshop to build effective, inclusive and results-focused Inbound campaigns. We’ll use our creativity and core belief that with inbound, even the impossible is possible to set out a blueprint to achieve your business goals while building human-to-human connections with your clients and prospects. All that’s left is to implement the inbound methodology and see the high quality leads come rolling in.

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What’s Included?

With a winning combination of tailored strategy workshops and inbound plan developments, our strategy service includes everything you need to begin your own journey to inbound success.

We are laser-focused on highlighting your strengths and building on your marketing team’s existing skills, talents, and passions to really get the most from your efforts, and shift from execution-focused activity to a truly results-driven organisation.

Shock Inbound - Marketing Strategy - Whats Included
Shock Inbound - Marketing Strategy - Do You really need strategy?

Do You Really Need a Strategy?

Successful companies are forward-thinking companies, and forward-thinking companies are those that plan ahead.

By establishing a marketing strategy to drive revenue growth in the 21st century, it becomes easier to see how you can better align your efforts with the customer journey, building stronger relationships with the people that matter most, and create inclusive campaigns that make a real impact.

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Ready to begin your inbound journey? Download our handy Inbound Marketing price guide to see how inbound can easily fit into your marketing budget.

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Excellent service, strategy and execution

I highly recommend Shock: The analytical & business approach by Shock was outstanding and allowed us to align marketing campaigns to key objectives and business revenue goals. Super friendly highly skilled team generated many new qualified leads in the first few weeks of launching a quick win campaign.

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Carsten Berger.
MiniBrew B.V.

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