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Inbound Marketing

Why spend time chasing your audience, when your audience could come to you with Inbound Marketing?

Why Inbound?

Marketing is one of the essential pillars which underpins any solid business. But guess what? For many, marketing just isn’t working. Campaigns are underperforming. Suppliers aren’t delivering. Something’s missing. 

That something is a proactive approach. 

Today’s marketers are reacting to audience demand, by which time it’s too late to grab their interest. Instead, we should be proactively anticipating demand, getting our message out there during this highly elusive window of opportunity, and doing it in a manner which is diligent, meticulous, creative and results focused.

Introducing inbound marketing; a marketing method that helps organisations to tailor their communications and deliver one-of-a-kind messages to audiences at each stage of the buyer journey. It supports the process of building real relationships, developing loyalty, and driving results by giving customers exactly what they need, precisely when they need it.

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Shock Inbound - Inbound Marketing - Our Process

Our Process

Every inbound process begins with a strategy; a personalised plan of action that shows you where you are now, identifies where you need to be to achieve your business goals, and outlines a clear path to take you from A to B with a historical audit, quick win campaign and innovation workshops.

  • Historical Audit:
    A thorough review of your current situation, including processes, campaigns and tech stack. 

  • Quick win:
    A fast-tracked campaign designed to attract new leads during the early strategy stages. As the inbound process progresses, you’ll have opportunities to nurture these leads with carefully developed, results-orientated tactics. 

  • Innovation:
    There are many techniques that align perfectly with the inbound methodology, including persona building to gain a better understanding of your target audience, and content creation to deliver the right message, at the right time.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to inbound marketing. That’s why a major part of our process is monitoring and tracking campaigns and activities through real time analytics, ensuring your approach works for you. Always.

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What we do

The Shock approach to inbound marketing is different. When the strategy (inclusive of the historical audit, quick win campaigns and innovation phase) have been completed, we’ll move on to helping you with implementation, build and launch. 

We create a game plan, develop collateral and go live with your new inbound campaigns, fully supported by the Shock account management team throughout. This focus means your campaigns run smoothly with no need for constant effort and input. 

  • Game plan:
    Building on all of the intel gathered in phase one, phase two will see the Inbound strategy adopted and documents detailing the campaign framework created.

  • Assembly:
    Releasing the campaign calendar, we make use of the very best in marketing automation software, using HubSpot’s traffic and analytics dashboards. Assets and content are created and double-checked ahead of your inbound campaign going live.

  • Go live:
    The content calendar is released and campaigns scheduled within HubSpot, with traffics and analytics dashboards created to reflect your SMART goals.

  • Account management:
    Shock’s passionate team will keep a meticulous eye on campaign performance, with optimisation and new campaign creation ongoing.
Shock Inbound - Inbound Marketing - What We Do
Shock Inbound - Inbound Marketing - Account Management

Account Management

Inbound marketing isn’t a onetime thing. We use SMART goals to make sure your campaigns are always optimised for your real time needs and work with you on an ongoing basis to do just that. As well as launching new monthly and quarterly campaign initiatives, we’ll adopt a model of continuous review and optimisation. 

Ultimately, our approach to inbound marketing allows us to deliver more in less time, for less money, and using fewer of your valuable resources. It’s a win-win!

Who Needs Inbound?

A better question may be ‘who doesn’t need inbound?’ What today’s customers expect in terms of their interactions and communications with businesses has developed into something that, for many organisations, is completely unrecognisable. Inbound marketing bridges this gap. 

For marketing leaders, CEOs, and progressive, forward-thinking businesses looking to grow, develop, scale and increase their market share, inbound isn’t just a ‘nice to have’. Inbound is a strategic necessity that has fast become the primary marketing initiative for boosting lead generation, improving client retention rates, and growing revenue.

Shock Inbound - Inbound Marketing - Who needs Inbound

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Great Service, Great People & Great Boost!

At Great Place To Work we really enjoyed working with Shock Marketing. The service and output were beyond expectations. They helped us with the set up and created a real boost of inbound marketing thinking in our team.

The service was always friendly, helpful and quick. We learned a lot as a team and we already see great results by
using HubSpot!

Anouk M - Testimonial Pic
Anouk Minnes.
Marketing Manager

Great Place To Work

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We're passionate about inbound, and we love staying up-to-date with the latest news and inbound trends. Check out our recent blog posts for more fun industry insights and best practice implementation for your organisation.