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Are you speaking the same language as your audience?

Why Go Multilingual?

Marketers often think they have two options to choose from. They can design global campaigns that talk the talk and partially engage with a huge pool of people. Or, they can design regional campaigns in niche dialects and with local references that fully engage with smaller markets. But, why are these the only options?

At Shock Inbound, we believe in doing both. We believe in spreading a message far and wide, but we also believe in making the effort to speak the language of our audience. We admit, it’s not always easy. Transforming inbound campaigns into regional messaging - and vice versa - isn’t as simple as running text through a translation app, especially if your overall aim is to form real human connections with real people. It is worth it though.

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Shock Inbound - Global Marketing - Our Process

Our Process

No matter which language you’re speaking, your message should be easy and clear. That’s why we keep our process simple and straightforward. At Shock Inbound, we support organisations in setting up strong and sustainable processes for scaling existing English or Dutch language campaigns up into inclusive globalised messages, or down into niche local communications which use the right terms, the right jargon and consider the culture of the audience. 

No matter where your audience is, we help growing businesses to speak the right language, to the right people, at the right time. 

And, because we’re a HubSpot Certified Partner, we can track each of those multilingual campaigns, measure performance and identify what works in one country, but not another. For many organisations, managing and publishing multi-language campaigns is simply not possible manually. HubSpot makes global content marketing simple – it speaks your language while your campaigns speak to your localised audiences.

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What We Do

We do things differently. Unlike other agencies, we steer clear of 1:1 translations. We’ve seen all too often how simply copying and pasting text from one language to another can completely change the meaning of the message (sometimes rather rudely, too!). That’s not a risk you can afford to take when your end goal is to connect with your audience. We transcreate new text, ensuring that your overall message remains exactly the same, no matter the language it’s delivered in. 

From incorporating local jargon to taking into account cultural differences and sensitivities, our multilingual service includes everything growing businesses need to develop effective strategies that make it easier than ever to communicate clearly.

Shock Inbound - Global Marketing - What We Do
Shock Inbound - Global Marketing - Is Going Multilingual Really Necessary?

Is Going Multilingual Really Necessary?

If you’re already operating on a global scale, if you’re planning to expand into cross border marketing in the future, or if you’re looking to optimise your international campaigns to derive more value from your efforts, it’s critical that you ask yourself how failing to speak the language of your audience can stop you achieving your goals. 

Good communication is the heart of every campaign. Without it, what do you have?

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Excellent Partner That Puts Your Customer Central

Shock Marketing has helped us and is still helping us in our transition to a more customer centric and data oriented company. For this Shock of course uses tools like HubSpot, but what's more important is that not these tools, but our customer is their starting point. Shock Marketing lets us think about our processes and the way we do business. Combining their inbound marketing and HubSpot experience and newly generated data with our data and industry experience, our company and Shock are a powerful team that helps us reach our goals.

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